Sunday, April 1, 2007

Some News

Hello my dear world

How are you ? This is my last entry.....just kidding April Fools this is NOT my last entry I promise.

Right now I am quite happy to report that there is finally a little bit of relief in my neck of the rained today. Some of the yucky icky pollen was washed out of the air and out of the trees thank goodness.

In other news early this morning I went to church for Palm Sunday. Did you know its nearly Easter already ? Anywho...after church my family and I went over to Denny's for breakfast. I had what was called "the mega french toast slam". I also had a drink called a banana dream which was a drink consisting of a banana soda, orange juice and with a hint of lime squeezed in. The drink was pretty good. The scrambled eggs that came with my meal was also pretty good. The best partof my breakfast was the French Toast which were coated heavily with powdered sugar and perfectly made. I could have eaten (5) refills of the french toast they were that good.

At this time you might say that I am bit nutty but I have been watching "the Holiday" with Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black and Kate Winslet repeatedly. Tonight you could say that I have watched it for perhaps the thousandth time. I am definitely falling in love with Jude Law a little bit more. I think that he is definitely a talented actor.

I do have a confession to share my dear world. I have to tell you that I am a huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge fan of Jeff Gordon the race car driver. I watch NASCAR just to see him race. I happen to have a Jeff Gordon teddy bear, a Jeff Gordon Christmas ornament, a Jeff Gordon collectible car, a Jeff Gordon bobblehead doll, a Jeff Gordon throw, some Jeff Gordon NASCAR stickers and a Jeff Gordon racing hat with his number and his colors as well on it. I am quite happy to report that Jeff won 2nd place in tonight's NASCAR race. I am so proud of Jeff he did well tonight. I can't wait to see him race again soon. He is a very great race car driver I must say and he's quite a nice looking guy. Yes my dear world I am a Jeff Gordon fan definitely.

So my dear world how are you doing ? I hope you are doing well and that you enjoyed your weekend. On Friday I will be on my way to Florida for a camping trip with my family. I will be talking to you when I return. Will you miss me my dear world ??? I will definitely miss you all.

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Take care everyone.

Sweet Dreams !!!!!!


lanurseprn said...

Hi there. My name is Pam. I've been reading your journal for about 2 weeks. Just wanted to say hi.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))Sounds like you had a good day today,mine has been stressful,just keeps adding up.I hope you have a wonderful time on the camping trip with your family.I love hearing about our day with your family.

madcobug said...

I hope it's going to be a lot warmer in Fl next weekend than it will be here. It's supposed to hit 31ยบ here Sun morning. Hope you and you family have a great camping trip. Helen

mtrib2 said...

That is good that you got the pollen washed away where you live.    It may rain or storm here tonight with cold weather on the way getting down to freezing in the mornings and in the low 50's during the days.     I am sweating right now after being out in the sunshine cutting and removing branches from my yard.    The breakfast must have been delicious!     Your church service had to be spiritually rewarding in observance of Jesus' sacrifice for the World.    Thanks for your kind words in my journal and I am wishing you a good trip to Florida!     mark