Saturday, March 31, 2007

An Outing

Hello my dear world

How are you today ? You probably are wondering where have I been ??? Well I have been around. Some things have been going on at work which was getting me down but I am definitely feeling better. Anywho as you may already know pollen is still littering the streets, on trees, on cars and on houses everywhere but I am trying to just live with it.

In other news my family went out early this morning. Our day started with a trip to Truett's Grill once again for breakfast. Someone recently had corrected me when I said that Truett's Grill was a 40's style restaurant. Well let me say that the person was right. Truett's Grill is actually a 50's style diner with a full sized "retired" San Francisco cable car as well as a Model A car there and a restored 1927 Indian Scout Motorcycle added to the restaurant's greatness. Truett's Grill also has some pretty good food for which I can speak with experience since I have been there more than once. While we were there one of the waitress's accidentally spilled tea on my oldest niece's shirt which upset her greatly. She doesn't like anything spilled on her clothes. Because of the incident we took a ride over to Target where she got a new shirt and a new CD I bought for her by the group "Pretty Ricky". I also got a CD by one of American Idol's singers named Katharine McPhee here is a link for her -----> . She recently came out with a CD which I like. One of my favorite songs on her CD is a song called "Over It" which is a great song.

After Target we all went to get Pedicures and my (2) nieces got manicures at a place called Top Nails, Inc. I also got a pedicure there which was nice. After the lady did my toes she polished my toes with a rich blood color which I picked. She also put a flowery design on them which I liked. I paid for everybody to get what they wanted. My folks had fun getting pedicures and my nieces enjoyed getting manicures. My dad even got a manicure which was new for him. It was my first time however going to a nail salon to get a pedicure which was fun. I forgot to mention that while I was having my feet done I got my pedicure sitting in a chair with one of those very wonderful vibrating machines and let me tell you I enjoyed every single minute of it.

After our trip to the nail salon we walked over to Kroger to pick up some snacks and some food for dinner. All in all our day was quite fun. Pretty soon my family and I will be on vacation in Florida starting on the 6th of April and let me tell you I can't wait.

So my dear world how was your day ? Did you get out in your neck of the woods ? I hope you had as wonderful a day as I did. I also hope you are all doing well. I will let you know you know how my vacation goes when I get back. I will be keeping a record of it in a handwritten journal so you will be able to be included on my entire trip from start to finish. I will include plenty details so you will know what we did there.

In some other news I had to come and tell that earlier this evening I watched a movie called "The Kid" which starred Bruce Willis, Spencer Breslin and Lily Tomlin which I have to say was a very funny movie. Bruce Willis and Spencer Breslin were excellent throughout the movie. I recommend this movie highly.

That is it for now my dear world I will talk to you again later.

Good-night !!!!!!!



hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))))))))I am sorry your work has been getting you down,my work has been getting me down to.I will let you know in my journal,once I do an entry.I am glad you and your family had a great time,that was nice of you to pay for your family to get there nails and feet done.I would love to sit in one of thoes chairs.HAve a good Sunday.

imgr8phil said...

That diner sounds really neat.  The real San Francisco cable cars that are running are only a few hours away from me.  Sorry work has been getting you down.  Katherine McPhee is hot and I would have rather her won American Idol instead of the old man Taylor Hicks.  Anyway, have a good week ahead.