Friday, March 9, 2007

A Friday Note

Hello dear world

Good-evening how are you ? I am fine thanks. It was a rather cool day in my neck of the woods. I wish it would go back to yesterday's temperatures preferably in the high 70's. was another day at work for me. Did I tell you dear world one of my coworkers had fell recently when she wasn't at work so she is home recovering from a few scrapes and bruises. Hopefully she will recover from her injuries soon. There is no need for her to come rushing back to work of course her getting well is more important. Luckily she didn't break any bones which was good news she is just a little banged up.

In other news I started reading Janet Evanovich's "One For The Money" which is a funny book. The main character Stephanie Plum is quite funny and the story keeps you reading. If you haven't read it you should go pick it up or get a friend to send it to you I suggest it highly.

Anywho....earlier this evening my family and I went to a restaurant called O'Charley's for dinner here is its link --- . I had a Cedar-Planked Salmon w/Smashed Potatoes. I also ordered the Clam Chowder Soup for my mom with my order but I ended up giving it to my dad instead because he really wanted to taste it so we let him have it. He said it was great. I have to tell you dear world the cedar-planked salmon was delicious. It was even better with a little sprinkle of lemon juice. The smashed potatoes were also very good. O'Charley's you must know has some good, good, good, good food. I like going there with my family very much. One day I will have to go there and try one of their desserts. Their steaks aren't half bad either just in case you wanted to know.

I am sad to report that I went back to watching American Idol which was a mistake. I think that its wrong that the talented singers are being put off the show. I think that its a shame that the votes aren't recounted because they are losing quite a bit of the talent on the show.

I have a question dear world : Has anyone seen the new Avril Lavigne video "Girlfriend" ? Well I have to say that I was a fan of hers but in this song she is sounding too much like Paris Hilton in this one. I think she needs to go back to her angst filled songs. I am impressed with the new Hilary Duff in her new video "With Love" she has changed quite a bit. I like her new song and I definitely want to get her new CD.

I am quite happy to report that I got a letter in the mail from my friend Rebecca Anne today which was nice of her it was such a treat. I will be writing a letter to her of course just to let her know that I appreciated her kindness. Its nice getting a letter in the mail from a friend dear world.

How was your day ? How are things in your neck of the woods ? I hope that your day was a nice one. I will talk to you again soon. Take care everyone.

Byyyyyyye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))I hope it gets warmer here soon to.I am ready for some wam wather,geting into the pool.I hope your co worker gets healing fast soon.I will say a prayer for Her.Yes,it is nice to get a letter in the mail instead of bills or junk mail.Have a nice night.

loststream said...

Girrrrrllllll, I just don't know how many times I read one of your journals, on an empty stomach (I know, my bad!!!), and then get super hungry just by reading the lavish descriptions of the scrumptious meals you've recently had... YUMMY!!!... Diane.