Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Song To Help Start Your Day

Hello dear world

Good morning. Its a beautiful day in Georgia. I have a song that will help start your day. Its a song by Michael Buble. Enjoy.

For a little while I was watching Samantha Brown's "Passport To Europe" on the Travel Channel which is pretty good. Its interesting to see all of the places that she visits in the world. Seeing her visit places all over the world makes you want to jump on a plane and go zipping all over the world especially to places like Berlin, Italy, Naples, Switzerland and many many others. I love seeing her show its fascinating to see places that I have never been to. I just thought that I would share that with you.

You might want to know my dear world that I am about to share some good news with you. I am happy to report that my mom went to visit my uncle today and she informed me that my uncle is looking much better today. He is eating more and I don't know but perhaps he is getting better I sure hope so.

Have a great day !!!!!!!!



lanurseprn said...

Have a great day yourself!

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))))It indeed is a beatiful day outside,even thoe I have April showers in y nice and sunny out.I am actullay feeling pretty good,knock on wood.I hope you have a nice day.Enjoy.

astoriasand said...

Hi there I am always looking for new journals to read and I came across yours.I hope you don't mind me reading.Italy is beautiful,I have just read your last posting and my son who lives in Dallas USA has just flown to Florida last night.I hope he enjoys it.Greece is a beautiful country too and of course I love Spain my daughter lives there.So for now I will say keep up the good work with your journal and if it's ok with you I will be back to read more.
Take Care God Bless.(Kath)

justaname4me2 said...

I'm glad he's feeling better!
I love to travel myself, and my oldest just got back from Italy. Nothing opens our eye's wider then testing out different area's then our own backyards.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

acoward15 said...

Why not hop on a plane and go?

belaf02 said...

I love that show, Samantha Brown is a kick.  What a dream job!

mtrib2 said...

I hope your uncle is getting better.   I have read through your journal and enjoyed your thoughts.    On Imus I have to disagree with you as what is happening to him is not censorship by the government but by the people themselves in the form of boycot of the advertisers.   I actually do not think he 'meant' his words to be racist, but the word 'ho' is certainly degrading to women.   He was an announcer for the NCAA which is a prestigious event, not a anything goes rap concert.   There is a big difference.   Can you see my point?   I think his going to a meeting with the team and apologizing was sincere as they accepted his apology.   I do think that the rap artists that degrad women are giving young people a bad impression about what society is about.    No, there should never be censorship, however, if people do not buy the CD's or put pressure on the radio advertisers, that is free speech also.    On the Virginia Tech Students there is nothing I can say but that I am in sorrow over their tragedy.    The professor that couragously gave his life blocking the door while students excaped is an act of unselfishness.     Shopping, yes, I have done some shopping and my shopping is over as I have now got to pay of my credit card.     I purchased concrete/fiber house siding that was on sale at Menards for my home addition.    Right now my back has to be taken care of and I will see the Orthopedic Back Surgeon on May 21.    I can only do very light work so there may be little done on my construction this year as I cannot afford to hire someone to do the work that requires only one person to do.     Thanks for stopping by my journal as always,     mark    I have a new entry in my artwork journal: