Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Sunday....

Hello everyone

Good afternoon everyone !!! I hope you are all having a nice Sunday. Early this morning my folks and I and my nieces went to church at St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church here is the link ----> . Today there was a priest there helping with the mass to help celebrate the Feast of Santa Ana. He is visiting from Honduras. Thirteen members from my parish visited Santa Ana Parish in Honduras from June 10-17 in 2002.

Anywho...after church my dad wanted to go to a hotel for a Sunday brunch they were having. We ate there but some of the food wasn't all that great. I only had the breakfast but my folks and my niece Jeanette didn't like the food all that much. I did like their scrambled eggs but the bacon wasn't all that cooked. They had a bread pudding to eat but I didn't like it all that much. I did like the chocolate cake they had.

After eating we drove to Publix grocery store to get my niece Jeanette a Birthday cake since she didn't have one on her birthday. Publix didn't have one she liked so we ended up going to Dairy Queen where she went in to the place and picked out a cake she wanted. She ended up getting an ice cream cake she liked. I hope that she enjoys her cake when she eats it. She was asking for a cake and asking for a cake and asking for a cake and so she finally got it.

You might want to know that the movie "The Time Travelers Wife" which I am reading at the moment is soon going to hit theater's. I can't wait to see it. The book is really really great. I think that it is quite a great story and I hope the movie will be just as great as the book is. The movie comes out August 14th.

My dad officially retired but I have to go back to work tomorrow. I do hope that everyone has a great week ahead. I will talk to you again later.

Take care everyone

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Joan said...

Thank you for dropping by my journal. Hope you neice enjoyed her cake sounded great. I alway get a disappointment when I read a book the see the movie it is never the same. Hope this one is for you. Love Joan