Saturday, November 29, 2008

Some Sad News....And Some Shopping Of Course

Hello everyone

Good evening. How is everyone today ? I hope you are all well. I have a little sad news to report but please do NOT be alarmed. I am sad to report that my baby Albino Catfish passed away today. He had been sick recently and we tried everything we could to putting medicine tablets in the water to changing the aquarium every single day and making sure that the water stayed alright but nothing seemed to help. He wasn't doing well at all today and a little later in the evening he passed away. We will be burying him in the yard as soon as the rain is gone. We will all miss our catfish he was with us for quite a while. I really liked our catfish and my niece's really liked him too. Its always sad to go through a loss of a pet and tonight was a little bit sad for me. I think that at least he is NOT sick anymore which is great but it was still hard to lose him.

In other news my cousin Peter came over to the house for a little visit which was nice. He will be going back home Tuesday he will be coming back over tomorrow for a little dinner and another visit. Later in the evening we dropped him off at my aunt's house. After dropping my cousin off my folks and I and my niece's decided to go for a ride to JCPenney's for a little shopping which was fun. I did happen to do a lot of window shopping and I also purchased some really cute t-shirts with sayings on them. I also looked at all of the Christmas ornaments in the store which was fun. I loved going to the store it was fun to look around as well as purchasing some shirts that I liked. I will be doing some more shopping later on in the coming weeks.

So my dear world how was your day today ?? I do hope that you had a really nice Saturday ? Have you lost a pet recently ??? I do hope that all is well in your neck of the woods ?? I also hope that you are enjoying the holidays.

Take care


LYN said...

sorry about your beta fish is 2 and a half years old..wonder how long fish live??

I was thinking of you when i was would have been proud of me..out there at 4.30 am black friday!!

Allison said...

Sorry to hear about your Catfish, you sound so sad about it. Try to have a happy Sunday. : )

Amanda said...

((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))I am sorry to hear about your catfish,it is always sad to loos a pet.If you go look on my Blog,I have an award for you,just thought you should know.