Friday, November 21, 2008

Its Friday !!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone

How are all of you ??? Its FRIDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well here I am again. I have to say that even though it is cold in Atlanta, Georgia today I am doing fine. Of course it was another day at work for me but it wasn't too busy. My coworker's and I will be off of work for Thanksgiving. I did stop by the pawn shop which I go to from time to time and I ended up getting two movies and the lady in the store told me that she would give me a deal that if I saw three more movies I wanted I could have all five movies for $10.00. I did get three movies which I liked and I got them all for $10.00 which was a great price for five movies. The owner came in as we were leaving and he knew immediately that I was going to buy some movies. Their movies they have at the store are limitless and they always have something I like there.

Anywho....after work I went and volunteered to serve pizza, chips, little bottles of punch and cookies to four groups of students at my youngest niece's school since they were having a Read-A-Thon. I have to say that volunteering is a job in itself. You might want to know that I did a great job volunteering.

After volunteering my niece's and I and my mom went to eat at IHOP which was really really good. They have this new item on the menu called "Nutella Crepe's" which were quite good. The crepe's were covered with powdered sugar and whipped cream. Inside of the crepe's was the hazelnut chocolate spread called Nutella which I happen to like. Inside of the crepe's were also slices of banana which made the crepe's that much more great. I ate all of my crepe's at IHOP. Here is the link if you want to check it out -----> . You have to try this spread it is quite delicious and well worth trying.

The movie "TWILIGHT" came out today and I have to tell you that I can't wait to see it. I really want to see this movie and I think that from the preview's that it will be worth seeing. Have any of you gone to see it yet ??

So how was your day ??? I do hope all is well with you. Do have a great weekend !!!!!!!!!!

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Allison said...

Hope you have a very fun and exciting weekend. Luv ya!