Saturday, November 8, 2008


Hello everyone

Good morning to you all. Its me again. Well you might want to know that on Tuesday I did go to vote at E.W. Oliver Elementary School before I went to work. The line was quite long and yes we eventually got to get out of line and go ahead of the people waiting in line since my mom had a cane with her and the people said that we could go ahead since my mom was walking with a cane due to her Multiple Sclerosis. Anywho we did go vote and yes as you might know Barack Obama was elected to be our next President of the United States of America.

Eventually I got to work on Tuesday a little bit late but my boss was okay with the fact that I was late. On Thursday my mom felt quite a bit sick and she needed me to go to Kaiser with her to the after hours care which I did. It was found that she had an infection and they did give her medicine which made her feel better. While I was at Kaiser I ended up getting my Flu shot which didn't take long at all. After Kaiser my mom treated me to doughnuts at Krispy Kreme which I have to say that their doughnuts should be considered one of the basic food groups. Krispy Kreme has the best doughnuts in the world in my opinion.

Friday of course was another day at work for me. We had a nice day at work and there wasn't a lot of people there. The people at my work really do like me and I like the people at my work. There are a lot of nice people at my work and its nice to have some pretty friendly people at my work. I do miss my coworker Willie he was a really nice guy and I hope that his family is doing well. I am sure his family misses him very much but I hope that they are doing alright. A lot of people at work still can't believe he's gone and a lot of people still talk about him a lot.

You might want to know that yesterday I bought the book "Marley & Me" which I can't wait to read. Here is the link for the movie -----> . I am still reading Janet Evanovich's book "Thanksgiving" which is a pretty good book to read for the holidays. I can't wait to see the movie. Have you read any good books recently ?????

Also one of the ladies at my work will be getting married pretty soon. She had a Bridal shower at work and a lot of the women gave her presents at the shower. Unfortunately my coworker's and I could NOT attend the shower but we did see her in the hallway and we gave her a card which had a gift card in it from Lowe's where she is registered and hopefully she will be able to buy some things she likes from Lowe's.

In other news the weather here has been pretty nice and the leaves have all changed color. I like this time of year and all of the stores are filled with Christmas decorations and things. Pretty soon it will be Thanksgiving however.

Well my dear world how are things with you ? I do hope that all is well with you and your family. By the way how are things in your neck of the woods ? I do hope that things are going fine.

Do keep me posted.

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Bill said...

Marley & Me is a great book!! Libby and I both read it and then my Mom read it. I sure liked the story. I'm glad you got to vote. Getting to go ahead of other because your Mom is handicapped is a very good thing. They did the same thing here in Nevada both for me since I limp and walk with a cane and for my MOm because she is 86 and can barely walk at all.
I hope you have a fine weekend.
My Regards, Bill