Thursday, November 4, 2004

Thursday's News

Hello world good evening. It's time for me to forget all about the election and George Bush's re-election. It's time for some new events. First I wanted to tell you why I started keeping a journal in the first place. A guy by the name of John Scalzi got me started writing. He has been giving assignments to writers like us at AOL Journals and so I decided to give it a shot so here I am.

I have decided not to talk about politics today. I could write a ton of my opinions on that subject but I won't. Instead I am happy that my favorite show "The O.C." is back on t.v. this evening which is exciting. I am a fan of the show. I wonder if anyone else would agree with me. This has been exciting and fun to start keeping a journal especially since I can say anything or talk about anything that I like.

I just have to say that once all of this election stuff is done with my life can get back to normal once and for all. I will be happy when I don't have to hear the word "Presidential" or election. Then I will quite ready to jump into other more exciting and less draining subjects such as politics.

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