Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sunday Entry

Good evening here I am again. I said that I wasn't going to come here and complain but I'm going to do it anyway so here it goes. Its hard travelling solo otherwise known as being single. When it comes to finding someone I'm seriously going to need some self-help either that or find a psychiatrist.I don't know if thinking about this continuesly is going to change anything but my being single is a preoccupation of my mine. I'm 20something and still single and the forecast never seems to change. I'm beginning to think that I have what's known as the "There's something wrong with me syndrome". I'm living single and yet it feels like I'm living in the land of forever single in my twentysomething years of my life. Pretty soon I'm going to have a join a Dating Service because I'm getting less and less hopeful that I will ever find someone. I will probably end up being eaten by a pack of wild dogs or surrounded by a million cats before I turn 30 which I'm hoping doesn't happen. Honestly I think that I might end up becoming the world's oldest living single woman in the world which is a really really scary thought for any woman to think about. Of course I could write my own self-help book on being single when everyone else around me is married and part of the book would include being single nearing the point of jumping off the nearest bridge, just kidding. In the end I just needed to say a few things either that or spontaneously combust.

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