Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Just In Time For The Holidays

Jones Soda, a beverage maker with a sense of humor, is starting to sell a package of five soft drinks tailored to Turkey Day. The mostly yucky - sounding offerings are Green Bean Casserole Soda, Mashed Potatoes and Butter Soda, Fruitcake Soda, Cranberry Soda and Turkey and Gravy Soda. Seattle-based Jones Soda, tried a similar stunt in 2003 when it offered just turkey and gravy. The stuff was so popular that bottles set aside for sale on the web sold out in 3 hours. Jones made just 15, ooo five - packs, and they'll be sold in a limited number of places, although the company will take orders via its web site. On Monday a pair of last year's bottles of Turkey and Gravy were being offered on e-bay at a starting bid of $40. Next thing you know they will be coming out with a Liver flavored soda. I just won't be drinking it.

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loststream said...

I have never heard of such things... It's just sounds straight-up NASTY!!!!!!