Friday, November 26, 2004



I'm having stomach pains

my eyes are red

and my arm hurts when it rains.


I almost bit my tongue in two

my ears are ringing

and I think I have the flu.


I can hardly talk

my nose is stuffed up

and my legs hurt when I try to walk.


My throat is all red

I might possibly have chicken pox

and I almost feel dead.


My toes  are swollen so they might just fall off

I could have the measles

and it really hurts when I cough.


Even now I can hardly see

 its hard getting out of my bed

and I might have a temperature of one hundred and three.


I almost forgot - I don't have school until Monday

so I'll just pull the covers up over my head

and sleep in for the rest of the day.


By: Monae Doyle

Inspired by my mom and 2 nieces who have been sick recently

and my favorite writer Shel Silverstein







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