Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !! Well today I had Thanksgiving with my family who happens to be my mom, dad and 2 of my nieces Megan and Jeanette. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner and dessert. I have to say that no matter where you are in the world its only a matter of who is with you. I am with my family and that is what I am grateful for. I am glad that I am here with them than to be anywhere in the world. We should find something to be grateful for no matter what it is. I am sure grateful for my family who loves me and I love them. I would rather be here at home than to be with anyone else. If I had to choose who I wanted to be with for the holidays it wouldn't be with a celebrity or any famous person it would be with the people that love me most of all. I am glad that I have the people in my life that I know love me more than anything in the world.In the end all holidays should be like this.......beyond perfect.

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