Friday, November 5, 2004


Hello good evening here I am. For starters Jane Eisner wrote a column in the Atlanta Journal Constitution this morning. I have to say that its time for her to move on. She titled her column "There's a need to fear ; four more years are here".

I have moved on from the election. I have accepted that George Bush is President. I don't think that you can spend time being worried about things that might or might not happen. You can't worry about the next terrorist attack, another Beslan school massacre, another Bin Laden, the next war, the national budget deficit or fearing that progress might not be made.

Someone wise told me that fear is worse than the thing feared. John Kerry has gotten on with his life and George Bush is back to living in the White House. I really wanted John Kerry to be President but I realize now what had to happen. I can only say that I've heard enough about politics to last me a lifetime.

Now its time to get back to the important things in life like comedies and sitcoms that are more than happy to offer hours of mind numbing humor. Though I wouldn't mind going to the theatre to see a few movies like "The Grudge", Ladder 49, The Incredibles, Shark Tale, "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, The Polar Express, National Treasure and Ocean's Twelve just to name a few.

Mainly I would like to ask when is George Clooney returning to E.R. because it hasn't been the same without him. Where is George when I need him ? On a different note the weather is changing by that I mean cold. The holidays are coming up though which happens to be something worth looking forward to. All in all I am doing quite well though I come here to you because frankly I can't remember shit, pardon the language. I must be getting old at a young age is that normal ???

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loststream said...

I hope you ended up seeing all those movies mentioned... ALL GREAT!

BTW, if you saw "The Grudge" and liked it... you might be interested in seeing the original Japanese version called "Ju-on"... available at virtually all local movie stores.  I thought the original was better.