Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Need To Vent....

Hello everyone

I am sorry to say this but I am in a rather agitated mood right about now. I am in the middle of reading a book and I won't mention the title of it but I am getting rather upset at the book. At the moment I am about ready to throw it upside the wall and rip all of its pages out and throw it directly into the trash with yesterday's leftover's.

I hate to say this but when I am reading a book I would like a writer to get to the point without describing everything down to the very detail. I don't care how a wall looks or how a person is dressed. I especially don't care how a stove looks or how a writer will describe what a person is wearing down to the very point of a stiletto high heeled shoe. I am about to scream as I read the book. What is with writers these days ??? I just want to read a book without having to feel like I am reading some lengthy dissertation on a character, story or object in which they are writing about.

My other objection is putting words of another language in a book in which I do NOT speak or a name of a restaurant that I can't pronounce to save any amount of interest in the book that I may have. Why not make it easy for a reader to enjoy a book without making the reader involved feel like they want to rip out their hair at the very root ??????

I would like to write a few words to the writer and tell him or her exactly how I feel ??? I also feel like I would like to take the book right back where I bought it from and demand my money back from the writer instead of from the store in which I bought it.

Get to the point already writers !!!!!!!!!!

Sincerly, this very frustrated reader

Am I WRONG ???????????????


LYN said...

you should be getting a package any day now...


Sybil said...

Oh Monae, How glad I am that you have us all here so you can vent your feelings...It is annoying when you get a book you don't enjoy...but I supose someone must like it to be written like that or they would not sell. However I am like you I prefer one without trivial details..Hoep you have the courage to just throw th e book and don't get one written by the athr again.
Love Sybil xx

ADB said...

Don't hold back, Monae. It's a question of taste, but if a writer just fills pages with interminable description, then (s)he is not a very good author