Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Great Yard Sale....

Hello everyone

Good evening all !!!!!!! You might all want to know that my folks and I and my niece's had a yard sale at our house which turned out great. We had quite a turn out at the yard sale. We put quite a few things out and yes I also sold a lot of my books which was hard for me. I also sold some of my purse's. The people that showed up really liked our price's which were low,low,low. We were cleaning out our garage and so we decided to have a yard sale. Some of the people came back quite a few times to get even more stuff that they wanted. They joked with us and they enjoyed our yard sale. They wanted to know when we would be having another one.

The weather in our neck of the woods was quite nice. The morning was a little cool but by the afternoon it warmed up quite a bit. I have to tell you that I did start reading a book by a writer I have never read before. The other book I had started I didn't really like so I had bought the book "The Friday Night Knitting Club" by the writer Kate Jacobs. The book is about a group of women of different personalities who meet at a little yarn shop on Manhattan's Upper West Side. They surprise themselves by forming a unbreakable bond of friendship. I can't say that I knit or even sew for that matter but the book is quite good. It is a really great story and I am enjoying it. You must check out her website ----->

I must say that I can't wait until my camping trip in April I am looking forward to going back to Florida to Indian Pass Campground. I can't wait to go camping again and I am sure that it will be fun. I just hope that the weather will be nice for our trip. We will be taking our pop-up camper that we have.

So my dear world how was your Saturday ?? I do hope that you had just as nice a day as I did. How are things in your neck of the woods ??? Do keep me posted and let me know how you are doing. I'll talk to you again soon. Pretty soon I will once again be packing up my travel bag for our trip which is a lot of work for me.

Anwho......take care everyone


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Sybil said...

Monae, what a fun day you have had. I have never been to a yard sale....we don't have them over here...although having said that I think last summer I did see an advert for one or two so maybe they will become popular here as well...That would be good. Glad that you managed to sell a lot of the things you no longer need.
I read that book to Monae, I think it was whilst I was in New Zealand. I did enjoy it.
Love Sybil xx

Sybil said...

Monae, Here I am back again...just to say that I received your invite from Twitter tis morning. However I am sorry but I have refused this lovely invitation from you. I do not do twitter or facebook as I do not really trust personal information not to perhaps be misread by someone and then start something that was never meant. Also when my dearest God daughter died we had troule getting her name deleted from Facebook and that also didn't help.
Love Sybil xx