Saturday, December 25, 2004

Thoughts For December 25th

Dear Journal its officially December 25th which is Christmas. I got a few things which I have to be grateful for. I was hoping more than anything for a boyfriend this year. I could have asked for anything within reason yet I wanted the impossible.

All in all Christmas seemed to take forever to get here and now its practically gone. After days and days and weeks and weeks it came and went. I didn't make a list this year of what I wanted because I only wanted one thing, one huge thing. What I really want most of all is my 1st kiss - my very 1st kiss. Everything is a big deal to me. I don't know dear journal I just don't know. Merry Christmas dear journal.

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loststream said...

Just a random thought... but you mentioned earlier in your journals about being active in your Church... ever consider dating any of the men who attend there with you?  

Story to my question:  My husband is employed by a predominantly Mormon company, although he is not religious... but one day BEFORE he met me and BEFORE we got married, his boss invited him to a Sunday Church Service adding "there are lots of single women to meet there!"  And just by that statement alone, my husband NEARLY went to the service... He didn't, but almost!