Sunday, December 12, 2004

Lake Lanier's Magical Nights of Lights

Good evening dear journal here I am again. First things first - I went with my parents and two of my nieces to Lake Lanier's "Magical Nights of Lights".

Lake Lanier's Magical Nights of Lights was beyond amazing and description. The various lights were quite picture perfect. They had lights of many shapes, sizes and color. At Lake Lanier they had amusement park rides, cotton candy, hot dogs, hot apple cider and the roasting of marshmallows. It was fun for the young and old. The North Pole had fallen to earth and come to life. This place was totally real. Dear journal the aromas at this place was beyond great. You could smell the marshmallows roasting, the cotton candy, the hot dogs cooking and Christmas itself became an aroma of pure rich delight.

Kids were up way past their bed times riding on rides, eating cotton candy and getting sticky fingers from roasted marshmallows and spun cotton candy. This place had it all and then some. Everyone should experience this place to learn the true meaning of Christmas time. I still can't believe all that I saw and heard. After having been to this one place I know what inspired the story of Peter Pan in fact I could have written it myself after this night. Dear journal there is no place on earth like this. Who could have ever thought of something so wonderful ? I can't wait until next year to do it all over again.

The only sad part for me is that I saw couples there holding hands, hugging and kissing. Being single it was hard to see. I wanted to be one of those women in one of those moments. I couldn't really help but look and be envious. I wish I could have been one of those women. Everything else was great and worth every minute. 

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loststream said...

When I was single, I too use to look at other couples and admire their close encounters... I use to day dream and wish about it happening to me all the time.  Funny now that I'm married, I don't like public displays of affection... holding hands or hugging is okay, but nothing beyond that.  I wonder now if it is a subconscious feeling of mine, not wanting others to feel somewhat "sad" like the way I felt when I was single and so very much wanted a significant other.