Monday, December 27, 2004

A Little Background....if your Michael Vick We Need To Talk

Dear Journal Christmas is now officially gone and New Year's Eve is upon us as well as a whole new year. During New Year's Eve a lot of people usually make resolutions whether its to go on a diet, not doing certain things or working towards some goal. I on the other hand I never stick to the resolutions that I make in the first place even though I try or at least say I will stick to it. My resolution that I will try to make is to stop talking about my non-existent love life which seems to be the major topic of my journal. Talking about my non-existent love life is beginning to become tiring even to me so that is my resolution. Of course I could say that I'm going to try to lose weight but I don't think that will last for 2 seconds to be quite honest with you dear journal so I really can't stick to that resolution. But I could say lots of things.

On a different less uninteresting note the weather here is still a little bit cold though winter's deep freeze is letting up quite a bit which is fine by me. I feel that if it has to be cold it should be followed by a few inches or more of snow or at least some little hints of white powder.

On a more opposite note its time for FOOTBALL season which I'm sure tons of guys are loving this time of the season. Dear journal I'm sure if you ask guys all over the world you could say its a perfect time for cold beer and a comfortable recliner which I'm sure many guys would say that those two things are a must during this time of the season. I DON'T know much about football I just can't get into it except one huge thing - Michael Vick. Any woman will say that's the only reason they sit through an entire football game just to see Mr. Vick himself in action even I would have to agree with that.

That's about all dear journal so good night and I will return soon hopefully with a few exciting updates in my life one never can tell not even me.

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