Monday, December 20, 2004


Dear Journal I was thinking about something that kind of brought up more stuff in my what I like to call "there's something wrong with me" syndrome. As everyone knows after Christmas comes New Year's Eve which I am so not looking forward to. I never look forward to New Year's Eve or Valentines Day for that matter. I'm sure many would ask why so I will be more than willing to tell you but in my own way. I'm the only one who never gets kissed by a guy though it would be nice to be kissed by a guy who loves me and I loving him in return.

I've never had a boyfriend to share these thoughts with and it would be awkward to share these thoughts with anyone else. I just find it easier to tell these thoughts with myself. I know that it sounds weird but it works and at least I'm consistent often enough. So here I have given you some background in the chronicles of my life thus far. Good night dear journal.

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