Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A Little Bit of Weird News

Here I am as usual so good evening dear journal. I have a little bit of weird news to share with you tonight so here it goes. My news has to do with "Bubble Wrap" of all things. I know your probably thinking why BUBBLE WRAP ? Well once in a while I would like to share something a little bit out of the ordinary. Bubble Wrap that most ubiquitous of protective packaging was introduced in the 1960's.  In 1957, engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes originally conceived Bubble Wrap as a wallpaper. Clearer heads prevailed, and the product was re-invisioned as a packaging material. The odd part is that there is actually a Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day which is the last Monday in January. Here is a little bit of interesting information for Bubble Wrap enthusiasts - one square foot of bubble wrapping contains approximately 810 bubbles. Office Depot for example, sells enough Bubble Wrap each year to wrap around the earth twice.

On a more eventful note my 2nd grade Religious Education class is had their 1st Christmas party with me. The kids enjoyed the party and their excitement was quite evident. I'm glad that the party went off without any problems at all. My kids are wonderful and quite smart I must say. I enjoy them with every class. I just wonder if they will remember me a few months from now when I am no longer with them. I will remember them that's for sure dear journal. I guess that's the important thing that I really need to remember. This was quite a day for me that's for sure. For now good night dear journal I'm sure that I will be back soon as usual.

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