Monday, December 6, 2004

News, news, news

First things first good evening. Well I have been under the weather recently from a cold so I haven't been able to come chat with you but here I am I'm on the comeback. Today I do have news. I haven't told a soul what I am about to tell you. I have news, news, news. I am greatly excited about what I'm about to share so bare with me. Today I took notice of a guy who occasionally comes up to my work to do some business. He isn't just a guy he is a great looking guy I would like to add. I had always wanted to ask him his name but I never did until today. Somehow I worked up the nerve to ask him. I won't mention his name I want to keep that to myself for now. Let me say again that he is great looking. I surprised myself today in going up to him and talking to him. I never went up to a guy and actually talked to him. This guy always smiles and says hello to me at work and for the first time I talked to him and it was great. Though I wish that I would have said more to him than just saying hello and by the way what's your name again ? I also wish that I would have told him what a nice looking guy he is which he definitely is. This guy this great looking guy I have to say he is far nicer looking than Vin Diesel, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Tyrese I just hope that these guys don't mind me saying but this guy really was great. I am hoping that Vin, Johnny, Brad and Tyrese understand that they are no longer my #1 which I'm sure their girl friends and wives will appreciate.

Most of all dear journal I will never tell anyone what I tell you. I was quite proud of myself today for going up to this guy and talking to him. I really just hope that I see him again I really really do. My, my, my what secrets I tell you. What secrets I tell you indeed.

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