Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Update.....

Hello everyone

Good evening all !!!!!!!! How is everyone today ? I hope you are all well. Early this morning my folks and I went to church which is at St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church. My niece's went to a birthday party. Mass was nice they have a religious store at our church which is nice. Me and my mom got some bracelets with the saints on it which we like. I really like the bracelets.

Anywho....after church we went to eat at IHOP and I had some Nutella Crepe's without banana's or strawberry topping. The Nutella Crepe's were quite tasty and I really have to say that I like the taste of Nutella. I also had some eggs and some bacon and sausage which I gave to my dad. Here is the link to check out Nutella ------>

After eating we went to a couple of store'w which weren't open we then ended up going to the JCPenney Outlet store where I bought a coffee colored shawl which I liked and some grey jogging pants which I wanted. My mom also got her some jogging pants as well. My dad bought a dress shirt and a tie which he wanted.

Once we left the store we rode down to the hair cutting place called "Great Clips" and we all got our hair cut. They do a great job at cutting my hair but I am sad to report that Great Clips will soon be moving to a different location. I don't know what I will do without my Great Clips place its where I go to get my hair cut. They did a wonderful job today cutting my hair and I have to say that I enjoy my hair short and I don't want it to grow out again.

Anywho....we are home now. How was your day dear world ?? I hope you had a really nice weekend. By the way are you ready for Christmas ??? I am wondering are you prepared for the Christmas season yet ?? Have you done any Christmas shopping ??? I have NOT done any Christmas shopping yet but I know that pretty soon the month of December will be here.

The countdown to Christmas is officially here !!!!!!!!!!

That's all for now. I'll talk to you again soon.

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Sybil said...

Glad you had such a nice Sunday. Mind was spent pretty much as always. Church in the morning if you would like to see my church you can find it here

it is quite a good site one of our church memebers keeps it up to date and tells of all the things we get up to. Today will be the first day of our wesley Guild meetings after our summer break. I know that all the members will be happy to be back into a routine. I have all the programmes made up to give them out. I hope they enjoy all the speakers we have arranged for them from now till next April.
As for Christmas !!!! Oh no please not yet !!
Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind messages you leave x
Love Sybil xx