Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some Rather Sad News....

Hello everyone

Good evening everyone. How is everyone today ? I hope you are all well. It was another day at work for me and yes we got some sunshine again for a change.

I have some rather sad news to report. The RV that my mom and dad purchased had to be taken to Woodstock for a repair. The sad part is that due to the flooding there our Earthbound RV is under (8) eight feet of water and so is the whole RV park. My dad is quite disappointed about our RV. We only had it for a short time. I still can't believe that our RV is gone forever. Luckily my parents have insurance on our RV but it is still upsetting. We only went camping in it one time and now it is at the RV park underwater.

I am sure other people are having it hard with their homes and businesses underwater due to the flood. It is sad all around when something like a natural disaster happens. It is all over the news but we had to go through losing our RV which was a little something special for my dad's retirement.

How are things for you my dear world ? I hope that things are well for you where you are. I hope that everyone is okay. I am here and doing well. My mom is feeling a little better but she is going through some pain. She has to go back to the doctor on Friday and hopefully she can get to feeling much much much better. I hope you are all having a good week so far.

Keep me posted on how things are in your neck of the woods. I'll talk to you again soon.

Take care


madcobug said...

I am sorry about your family's RV. Hopefully the insurance company will get things settled so you can do some fall camping and see some beautiful leaves. My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones and their properties are damaged so bad. Helen

Sybil said...

Oh dear Monae, What a shame about your new RV. I do hope that your Dad will get enough from the Ins to buy another one similar of not the same. It was good that you had the one weekend in it though. Floods are a terrible thing as there is very little one can do to escape them if you happen to be in a flood prone area.
Hope Mom's pain goes soon, give her my love,
Love to you Sybil xx