Thursday, October 14, 2004

JUst A Little News

Dear Diary,

         Hello! Hello! Hello! Good evening dear diary here I am again. Well I watched 2 of the Presidential debates and only a few minutes of the last one which I'm NOT sorry about in the least. I have kept up with some of the Presidential election through newspapers and television so that's pretty good I have to say. I am now at the point where I am tired of the Presidential election. Right now I have to say that I can't wait until Nov. 2 when I will cast my vote and it will all be over. I am ready to get back to my life without having to hear about politics every 5 minutes of my day. It will be nice when Bush or Kerry steps into the oval office and my life will return to its normally scheduled programming. I am ready for all of the talk of politics and debates to be over and done with at least for me dear diary. I have to say that I have found that I'm pretty funny at least to me that is. That's all I have to say on that topic.

On a different note work has been keeping me busy, busy, busy as usual. I am also doing fine. I am ready to hear other kinds of news like Martha Stewart in prison or Michael Jackson's latest problem, just kidding. So I guess you can say that I haven't been doing much of anything but working or coming to you dear diary as usual time and time again and again of course.

Fall has certainly arrived and the weather has gotten quite brisk. I'm sure that Winter is just around the corner. It's a perfect time for a big cup of hot apple cider. Who else would feel this way but me dear diary ????  Good - night.

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loststream said...

It's a shame that Kerry didn't win!!!  Martha's served her sentence, and picked up just where she left off!  Michael got off, and hopefully, not on the children!