Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hello everyone

Good evening everyone. How are all of you today ? This entry was definitely inspired by one simple thing....a card with a letter.

Today I received a card with a letter from a friend. It seems that yes I have done my fair share of e-mails, instant messaging and texting on my phone. The thing this I forgot how wonderful it is to simply sit down and write a letter. I have written to a few people just because. I find that I enjoy getting a card and a letter in the mail and some people call it......snail mail. No matter what you call it. I love finding a letter from someone out there in the world who wants to share a few thoughts with me.

This person mentioned a few books in the letter which I remembered that I had one of the books that she mentioned and I found it. I will definitely have to read the book she mentioned. She has such a way with words and with writing that I fail in comparison to her. She writes letters that I could NEVER write. She has such a poetic way of writing that it is wonderful to get a letter from her.

I don't really know if you my dear world enjoy letters and writing letters as I do. I find that when people are at the post office they are talking about sending off bills and inventory and supplies for this and that. No one mentions sending off a letter just because. I think it would be wonderful to hear that at the post office but it NEVER seems to happen.

Perhaps the art of letter writing is going away with the invention of such technology as the computer, the cell phone and the instant messaging that we have in the world but I think that is such a sad thing. I hope that I am wrong in thinking that the art of letter writing is becoming....extinct.

My dear world......if you would take a moment and get a card or a piece of paper and do me one little favor...sit down and write someone a letter.

Perhaps you might want to send me one. Take care and thanks for listening.

Sincerly Yours,


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Sybil said...

You have certainly prompted me...I have an excep out of the local paper sitting here looking at be saying "send me to Monae" So promise I will get round to it !!
I have had a very busy week, not even had time to update my Blog but will get down to that as well over the weekend. I to LOVE getting letters
Love Sybil xx