Monday, August 3, 2009

A Wonderful Wonderful Trip....

Hello everyone

Good evening everyone. How is everyone doing ?? I hope you are all well.

Anywho....I'm home !!!!!!!! My folks and I and my niece's made it to Stone Mountain Park and we stayed at campsite #59. We went and had dinner at Red Lobster. I ordered some coconut shrimp which I didn't like. I did have some other things in my meal which I liked. It rained the first night we got there but we were able to put up the pop up before it rained.

On Saturday we went to the park and we took a ride on the Skylift which was really fun. The skylift goes 1,683 feet above sea level. The scary part was when we first started going up the mountain. I was at the top of the mountain which was nice. After the Skylift we went to see the movie "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" inside the park. The movie was in 4-D. We got wet in the movie and it was like we were actually in the movie.

After the movie was over we took a ride on the rain inside the park which wasn't all that fun. After the train we went back to camp to have lunch. Later in the afternoon we went back to Stone Mountain Park and we watched the "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" in 4-D for the second time. The movie was really really fun.

After the movie we went and took a ride on the "Ride The Duck" which is a boat ride. It did rain on the boat as we got in the water. The captain was really fun and really nice. He played music on the boat and he told us some really funny jokes. It did stop raining eventually. He let all the young kids including my 8-year-old niece Megan drive the boat. It was run riding on the boat.

Later in the evening we found a spot near the Glass Blowing Shop in which to see the Laser show at Stone Mountain Park. We didn't stay long for the laser show. We decided to go and get something to eat. We stopped off at Wendy's at eat there before it closed. We finally got back to camp and we took our shower's at the campground.

I did buy some souvenirs for my coworker's. On Sunday we started packing up to leave the camground and we left a little after 12:00pm. We got on the road and we stopped off at a place called "Pizza Cafe" which has the best pizza in town. It did rain quite a bit once we got home. We got home a little late Sunday night.

We plan to go back to Stone Mountain Park again soon. We all had fun and I can't wait to go back. There is a lot to see and do there and it was fun to go camping again .

I did finish reading "Love in Bloom" and I can say that it was a really great book and I enjoyed it. I read the book "Return To Sullivans Island" by Dorothea Benton Frank and it is a book I highly recommend reading.

So how was your weekend my dear world ?? Did you do any traveling ? I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as I did. I'll talk to you again soon.

Take care.


Sybil said...

Morning Monae, I am so pleased that you all enjoyed your weekend away. It would be good for your Dad to to have his first time away as a retiree....We to had a fairly wet weekend over here so other than church on Sunday I was not out very much...

Jeannette said...

It all sounds a lot of fun, that is the sort of place I would love to visit.