Sunday, August 23, 2009

News For Sunday....

Hello everyone

Good evening to all of you !!!!!!! How is everyone today ? I had a really nice Sunday. Earlier today my folks and I and my niece's and my cousin Peter went to a place called Southlake Mall. I didn't buy anything and neither did my cousin Peter. My oldest niece bought some clothes and some shoes. I just did some window shopping.

Anywho...after the mall we went over to Blockbuster and we got some movies. We finished watching a movie called "Fragments" with Dakota Fanning and my mom and I agreed that it wasn't all that good. Dakota's character was portrayed in a really really really weird way. I didn't really like the movie and neither did my mom. My dad really didn't like it either. I felt that it kept switching back to different parts of the movie too many times which made it confusing. The ending just was left way too confusing and I think that the movie could have been better. I'll have to tell you about the other movies after I see them.

In the book "Dark Of The Moon" by John Sanford it is a about some murder's which occur. In the story Virgil Flowers is a guy who works for the BCA which is the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. He is investigating the murder of a husband and wife. So far I am really getting into the book.

So how was your Sunday ? I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. My folks went over to my auntie Boobie's house a few minutes ago and I am home just relaxing. So how are things in your neck of the woods ? I hope all is well where you are.

Take care everyone


Jeannette said...

A very quiet Sunday for us Monae, it was so hot we did not know what to do. Be seeing the family later when they come over as it is Daniel's birthday. Done a blog entry for him.

Sonya said...

Glad you had a good Sunday. Ours was busy with church, grocery, Lowe's, painting, mowing (the last two George did not me-lol!), gardening, cooking. Great weekend.
Have a good week.

Patrick @ Caregivingly Yours said...

Hello Monae! Thanks for visiting! By the way, I totally enjoyed "Dark of the Moon" but then again I seem to enjoy all John Sanford's books.:)

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Sybil said...

I had a nice Sunday..I do love Sundays...I was at church in teh morning then to Sarah's my sisters for lunch. Then home when we had another friend, Cait, visit us she had just gone when Peter arrived and after his usual coffee he left, then Mary went home and I had the house to myself !! But it was a good day
I am sorry you didn't enjoy the latest film you got. good luck with the next one.
Love Sybil xx