Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday's News....

Hello everyone

Good evening everyone !!!!!!!!! How are all of you today ? I do hope that all is well in your neck of the woods. I am doing well today. I did finish reading "Inkheart" finally it was a very long book but it was a good one.

Anywho....yesterday my folks and I and my niece's went over to my auntie Boobie's house to visit with my cousin Peter and Pat. My cousin Peter is staying until Wednesday. Everyone really really liked my new haircut. They said that it is very becoming on me. I do want to keep it short for a while I am really getting into my new haircut. I want something different for a while.

Today my folks and I and my niece's took my cousin Peter out to eat at "Truett's Chick-Fil-A" which has some really good food there. They have this train car that goes around the restaurant and it is a nice one. There were a lot of people there eating. My cousin Peter paid our meal for us which was nice.

I have started reading "Dark Of The Moon" by the writer John Sanford. However his real name is John Roswell Camp. It is a pretty interesting book. In the story an old man has been doused with gasoline, put in a trash bag and set on fire. It is a murder mystery and it is a pretty good story and I really like the book so far. Apparently his website is not working sorry.

So how are all of you today ? I hope you are enjoying your Saturday ? I also hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend. The weather here is in the high 80's which is warm but nice. Do enjoy your weekend everyone and do take care.

I shall return !!!!!!!!

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Sybil said...

Hi Monae, It is a lovely sunny Sunday here we have had some nice weather most of the week which has been good. even warm around 70deg. and for us that is WARM !!
I have been to church today and to my sisters for lunch which was very nice. Have a good week and continue to enjoy your cousins visit, he sounds very nice.
Love sybil xx