Sunday, December 28, 2008

A New Book.....

Hello everyone

How is everyone today ?? I hope you all had a really nice Christmas. I enjoyed the holiday and pretty soon it will be New Year's Eve. Tomorrow I go back to work of course.

Anywho...yesterday I went to Walmart and I picked up a few books. One of the books I picked up is called "SALEM FALLS" by the writer Jodi Picoult. There is a guy in the book named Jack St. Bride and he was a teacher at a girls prep school and he was convicted of sexual assault and the thing is so far I don't think he did it. He went to prison and he endured a lot in prison. He got out of prison and he went to a small town called Salem Falls and he gets a job at a diner called Do-Or-Diner and he does register as a sex offender but in the story it doesn't come out that he did the crime with which he was convicted. People are wondering about him and they don't know anything about him.

So far I am feeling kind of sorry for him and I am starting to like him in the story. I will have to keep reading the book to find out more of the story.

Question :

Have you ever read a book that made you curious about the people in the book ? I am curious to know if you ever read a book that you just wondered about ??? Let me know


LYN said...

I have read that book but can't remember the ending!! You will have to let me know....
and yes I often wonder about the characters and have to force myself not to cheat and look in the book for the answer!!
Happy new year to you!! and happy reading...;-)

ADB said...

Wishing you all that is good for the New Year,


Anonymous said...

I read a true story that left me with such ethereal sadness, that I actually found the person. I can be tenacious!

Bill said...

There is a series of books by a writer names W.E.B. Griffin that starts with one called THE LIEUTENANTS. I spent my time reading and wondering about the charactors. I hope you have a very happy 2009.
Regards, Bill.