Monday, January 7, 2008

Some Thoughts And A Busy Busy Monday....

Hello dear world

Good evening !!! How are you my dear world ? I am doing quite well. It was quite a beautiful day in my neck of the woods. It was a wonderful 60 amazing degrees in Georgia and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was like a perfect Spring day yes yes yes yes it was.

Of course it was another week at work for me. Anywho...last night the movie "Jane Eyre" came on GPB on Masterpiece Theater with Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson. Toby played the role of Edward Rochester and Ruth played the role of Jane Eyre. Both Toby and Ruth were quite good but my favorite part was Toby Stephens.

On a more sad note I know that many of you might have heard but on Thursday a massive searhc was launched for Meredith Emerson who went hiking on Freeman Trail, which is a popular 6-mile path on Blood Mountain within Vogel State Park. The search included about 100 volunteers, law enforcement officicals, police dogs and a GBI helicopter.

Lawmen were seeking Gary Michael Hilton as a person of interest. He was seen by other hikers walking with Emerson and their dogs up Freeman Trail. On Friday investigators find several personal belongings of Emerson in a dumpster in the parking lot of a Quik Trip on Keith Bridge Road in Cumming. On Saturday at 5pm police officials arrest Hilton at Fulton County jail, charging him with kidnapping with bodily injury. I do think its sad that Gary Michael Hilton may have killed Meredith Emerson. I know that she will be missed by many including friends and family. It seems sad that any of it had to happen. I still am left wondering why he killed her. What do you think my dear world ???

In other news it was a very busy busy busy busy day at my job for my coworkers and I. The building was back to business since the holidays are over. The offices were busy and there were plenty of people at my job going here and going there. I can tell you that its going to be a very busy week at my work.

So how was your day my dear world ??? Did you get to have wonderful weather like we had today in Georgia. I must say that I really did enjoy this perfectly amazing day of a close as its going to get to Springtime day. I do hope that you will be able to enjoy the rest of your week.

Do have a good one my dear world !!!!!!!!!! Take care and I will talk to you again soon. ** By the way tomorrow I am treating my family to dinner at the Olive Garden** we haven't been there in a while I'm sure whatever we eat will be good. That's it.



jeanno43 said...

Glad it was a nice spring like day for you.  I love Jane Eyre and have watched many different version.  So sorry if that woman has been killed.  How sad.

cayasm said...

I saw Jane Eyre on TV last year, it's a fantastic series, I also love the book.

Take care

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))I am gla you had a beatiful day,it was beatiful here as well.60 degrees here to.I am sorry about the women dying.I dont know anything about Her.Have a nice night.

imgr8phil said...

I've heard about that story . . . that kind of thing happens way too much.  Have you ever camped near that mountain?  Hope you have a happy Tuesday.


madcobug said...

Did you notice that the girl was hiking near Vogal State Park? If he did it I hope they throw the book at him. It was very pretty and warm here today also. Gonna rain tomorrow and turn colder again by the weekend. Helen

cuteallison1980 said...

I love the way you talk . . . 60 amazing degrees! : )  It is very sad about that girl that was hiking.  So many sickos out there.  Hope you have a good tomorrow!


hpycmpr155 said...

Just saw on CNN that they had found that young woman's body.
What a is very sad but not exactly a news bulletin.
He killed her because he is a sick bastard of a scumbag.
I took my dog on a two mile hike in a state park this afternoon and couldn't help thinking about that whole thing.
Sad sad sad, a real senseless tragedy.

Have a good evening and enjoy your dinner at Olive Garden. I'm sure it will be yummy!


lanurseprn said...

How sad about that girl. So many psychos out there. Make sure YOU stay safe, ok?
Enjoy your dinner tomorrow night. I'm sure it will be yummy!