Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Note And I'm Making It Official

Hello dear world

Good evening. Yes you will be happy to know that I am in better spirits today thank you.I have to say that the weather today was YUCKY YUCKY YUCKY. It rained all morning and everything was wet.I am NOT a fan of rainy days. Listen I do want to apologize to all of you for skipping around on those questions but I wanted to pick out some of the questions instead of just going in order.

I do have to say that someone and I am not going to mention the name but the person left a comment in my journal which said "This journal is boring. Yawn." I want to say that I always try and be nice to everyone and I try to keep an upbeat attitude but if someone doesn't like my journal I feel that they have a right to feel that way but they do NOT have to come and read it if they don't like it. Don't you agree my dear world ? I do hope that I have welcomed all of my visitors with open arms but if I didn't I am truly truly sorry if I don't make someone feel welcome to my journal. 


At this very moment and time I would like to make it official by saying that I am going to endorse the Ross Mathews Blog 100%. I would like to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Ross Mathews and his blog. Here is the link so you can hurry and check him out -----> . Ross Mathews will certainly make you laugh and put a thousand smiles on your face so do go check him out with a quickness. ROSS MATHEWS IS THE MAN !!!!!!!

Enough of my news how are you my dear world ? How was your day today ? Did you get to enjoy your day ? I do hope the weather where you were was nicer than it was here. I do hope you all get to enjoy the rest of your week.

I also want to say thank you all for visiting.

Bye !!!!!!


cuteallison1980 said...

I like the way you handled the person that was rude.  Hope you will have a great Thursday. : )


cayasm said...

I see the "Trolls are at work again tou handled that just right. I always enjoy reading your journal.


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))I dont understand people who would say rude things like,your Journal is in no way boring.I love reading your Jorunal.i love hearing about your day.I am sorry it rained was actullay really nice here,a spring day,felt like summer.Have a good night.

momiscool2 said...

Hi! I'm enjoying reading your blog - have a great day! Michelle

hpycmpr155 said...

I think you are a charming, intelligent young woman and you have a wondeful blog.
I enjoy your posts.
 Don't change anything.


lanurseprn said...

You are NOT boring! You always make me smile. Don't change anything.

blazensun said...

If they don't like your journal they know where the red X is at. There is no need for a bad remark This is your journal written for you and we your readers are here because we like what you write. Stay as you are no need to change for somebody who has nothing else to say except something bad.


imgr8phil said...

Hope you had a good Thursday and never mind those idiots that want to be disrespectful.  Take care cutie.