Sunday, January 27, 2008

Are you there Journal ? It's Me...

Hello dear world

Good evening how are you ? I was listening to a song a few minutes ago called "Dear Mr. President" by the singer Pink which I have to say I really liked. Pink had all good points in her song. Here is the link to it ------->

In the song Pink says "Dear Mr. President" take a walk with me because she has some questions she would like to ask. I sure would have to agree with her on wanting to take a walk with the President.

I sure would like to ask him a few questions of my own about how he sleeps at night when our troops are still in Iraq and knowing a lot of them have died fighting for our country. I would also like to ask him how he sleeps at night when so many people can't even afford health care. I would also like to ask him about he can sleep at night when there is so many violence on the news every single night. I would also like to ask him how can he sleep at night when so many people in the world are going to bed crying.

I have to say that I would certainly like to take a walk with him and tell him about the things that have worried me about the world. I would also like to ask him the questions that I have thought about from time to time. I wonder if the President would ever take a walk with someone like me so I could tell him a few things.

Soon the President will be out of the White House and I will probably be left wondering about the things that the President could have done and maybe he could have answered to people such as myself. I just don't know if I am right or wrong but I just felt that Pink's song really got me to thinking about how I feel about different things.



imgr8phil said...

This President sleeps at night because he doesn't have a conscience!  Good entry Monae.  I wish your diary had all the answers for us, but your diary does the best it can.  Take care baby doll.


cuteallison1980 said...

I'm glad the President will be gone a year from now.  So tired of him.  Hope you will have a happy Monday Monae.  : )  Stay sweet.


sybilsybil45 said...

Monae, Although I can't say to much about your political system I definatley would like to be walking beside you when you are asking the President these questions.  I would have a notepad writing down his answers !   bet they would he would be agreeing with you...then the minute you left him he would foget all about you are the rest of the troubled world...BUT I would have his answers !! then we could maybe SUE him for breaking his promises,,What do you think of that ?  Go on write to the White house. I will get my flights booked !!!!          Love Sybil xx

hpycmpr155 said...

I'd like to ask him how he started out so well and then turned into such an incompetent, bungling idiot.


sneezy7125 said...

Very true. Although I wouldn't want to ask him anything-- I'd just want to throw something at him. *innocent smile*

I hope you're doing well; I've missed you and your journal entries.


pbaldrey said...

Unfortunately too many poloticians are only interested in their own self-image. Wev'e had one of those in the UK for 10 years. It is only now that people are beginning to wise up.

wwfbison said...

Oh no you are not wrong.  I would like to take him for a walk too...nuff said on that.  I love the song you are mentioning, Pink did a fine job with this one.