Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Little Bit of Change Is Uplifting....

Hello everyone

Good evening everyone. I hope you all had a nice Sunday. As you might notice I changed the look of my blog I hope you like it. I also got a new haircut which is a nice change. A little bit of change can alter the way you feel emotionally and physically.

Pretty soon the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays will be coming up. I always like the holidays. What will you be doing for the holidays ? I am looking forward to spending more time with my family. What are the holidays like in your part of the world ?

I do want to acknowledge those of you who stop by my blog and take the time to offer a comment or two. I don't always take the time to thank you or to say how nice it is to hear from you. If you don't want to comment I don't mind just drop in and say hello. I hope that I can lift someone's spirits or I might be able to make someone smile once in a while. A friendly word is often the best when its shared. I hope that I do that once in a while.

So my dear world I hope that you enjoy your time here and I hope that all of you feel free to drop in anytime night or day. Thank you all for listening. Have a wonderful week ahead and I will talk to you again soon.

Take care everyone


Sybil said...

Hi Monae, It is just after midnight over here in UK well past my bedtime but today I have been a bit unwell and have slept off and on so when I did go to bed...early...after an hour or so I got up again and have been sitting here playing a game or two before just checking in to see if anyone had been around and see you had thanks for comments...also your lovely sunday message. It is good to know someone is around at times of need. Thank you.
Much Love sybil.
P.S. I am listning to some New Zealand music a CD I have downloaded long time ago it always makes me feel nostalgic for my friends over there... I will listen to your one later.

Just Bill said...

Monae', I am still a faithful reader of your blog. Like you I do not comment often. I like you am a reader, but the only author we share in common is James Patterson. I think I have read every one of his books, including the bird winged children series.
Glad you had a nice weekend, it got cold up here in PA. Supposed to get a little warmer early next week. It can never get too hot for me.
Hope you have a nice week as I plan to do.
Hope you are still reading my blog I will shortly be posting a rule about comments there soon, take care

Sonya said...

Hi Monae....hope you had a great weekend. I'm getting sleepy early up here in TN. Have a great week!
Oh and I love the holidays too. I cannot believe we are coming upon them either. Time passes so fast.

LYN said...

I love the holidays! Hubby is coming home this year too so I can't's freezing here too by the way...

Barbara said...

The blog looks nice! Inviting.