Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some Thoughts....

Hello everyone good evening

How is everyone these days ? I hope you are all well. I have been wondering if I should continue this "Dear Diary" blog. I dont know if there is anyone who really cares about a few things I do from day to day. I doubt if anyone really finds my day to day life all that interesting or worth reading about.

I have always appreciated all of my visitors and friends I met here along the way. Maybe I should take a break for a while from blogging. I will continue to share my book reading on my shelf.

Thanks for listening everyone and take care


Ally Lifewithally said...

Of course I find your life interesting ~ and I am always very glad that we know each other ~ Ally x

Sybil said...

Awe Monae, I would have thought by now you would know that I am very interested in ALL you do. I am always pleased when I see a new blog from you. So please keep writing as I would miss you and the news about you and the family and work and holidays and the wee dog.
You have not been by my blog for a while have you lost it ?
Love Sybil x

Sybil said...

Just in case you lost me !!! lve Sybil x