Saturday, December 26, 2009


Hello and Merry Christmas everyone

Good evening all !!!!!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful and memorable Christmas. I sure did with my family and my niece's. was a wonderful Saturday. Earlier today my folks and I and my niece's went to La Parrilla to eat. I had a shrimp quesadilla wich was good. It was cold in the place however.

After eating we drove to the store Old Navy since my cousin Aaron and his wife gave her a gift card to the store for Christmas. My niece Megan and I went to Ross which was picked clean. I did purchase a nice black journal I wanted.

Later on we took a ride to Pier 1 Imports which is always fun. I found an unusual frog Christmas ornament, a blank notebook for my mom, a corkscrew for my dad and (2) bars of solid milk chocolate Godiva bars. I gave one of my chocolate bars to my niece Jeanette.

We then went to Toys "R" Us since my niece Megan got a gift card from my cousin Aaron and his wife for Christmas. She got a few things and I ended up purchasing the movie "Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince" there.

We also went to Blockbuster where my niece Megan got one and I rented the movie "I Hate Valentine's Day" with Nia Vardalos and John Corbett. I also bought my dad a war movie which he likes. I also purchased the "New Moon" calender which I wanted at Blockbuster.

We then took a ride to Kohl's. I found (2) cute Sesame Street t-shirts which were 2 for $20.00. I also bought some cards I wanted for myself and my coworker Francis. I also got my niece Jeanette a necklace she liked and I got a necklace as well that my mom picked out for me.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend and I had a lot of fun. How was your Christmas my dear world ? I hope you all had a wonderful and enjoyable holiday with your family and loved ones. I will talk to you all again soon.

Take care and Happy Holidays !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sybil said...

Glad to see you when I got up this morning...I am happy that you had such a nice Xmas. Mary and I had a wonderful one as well. It was particularily nice as it was the first day we had been able to get out for a week as we had been frozen in. The roads were all sheets of ice and I couldn't drive on them. I was so happy to see no frost on Xmas morning. we had some great presents hope you did as well
Love Sybil xx

ADB said...

Very pleased you had such a nice Christmas, Monae. All the best for 2010


madcobug said...

Glad that you had such a nice Christmas and got to go shopping on top of that. We had a nice Christmas here also. Helen