Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hello everyone
How are all of you these days ? I hope you are all doing well. It was a very cold and rainy day in my neck of the woods. My folks and I and my niece's went to Michael's today and I found some cute stickers. We then went to La Parilla Mexican Restaurant to eat. I ended up getting the cheese and beans nachos which were good. After eating we went to Kohl's where I purchased a really cute Christmas ornament for one of my coworker's.
I did want to show you some pictures of my 7 month old puppy Chip. Chip is doing fine and he is just as cute as ever. Chip is a very cute puppy and we all are enjoying him immensely. are all of you ? How are things in your neck of the woods ? Are you getting prepared for Christmas ? How are the pets in your family ? I hope they are doing well too.
Merry Christmas everyone


madcobug said...
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madcobug said...

I removed the first post because I messed my typing up good.
Awww. how cute Chips is, Makes me think of our Patches. Looks like he may have some of the feist bloodlines in him. Enjoy him and enjoy your Christmas. Hugs, Helen

Sybil said...

What a cute wee fella Chip is, I have been hoping you would put a photo of him on one day. Sorry it was so wet and cold with you, but at least you managed to get out and have some nice times...I went shopping yesterday morning as well but only for things for our christmas party for our guild members on Monday and even then I had to queue for ages and I am not very good at waiting !!
Love sybil xx

Jeannette said...

Chip is just adorable!