Friday, May 22, 2009

A Nice Treat....

Hello everyone !!!!!

How is everyone ? I hope all is well with you and your family and in your neck of the woods. I do have some news for you. Last night I treated my folks to dinner at the Olive Garden Italian Restaurant. My mom and I had the grilled shrimp caprese with a salad and the caprese flatbread as an appetizer. I also had the Venetian Sunset as a drink. Our dinner and our appetizer was quite good.

After our meal we ordered the Black Tie Mousse Cake which was quite rich and good. We shared the dessert together since we ordered just one of the cake's. They had a good time having dinner with me.

I did have to go to a cook out at our main headquarters and everyone was there including the Prison Warden and a few other head job managers. I didn't eat a hot dog or a hamburger but I did eat some of the dessert's which included a chocolate eclair pie which was quite good and some brownie's that they had and some vanilla ice cream. My coworker's and I went to the cook out together. Once we got back to the courthouse we were able to leave early for the day. My coworker's and I will be off for the weekend and for the Memorial Day weekend.

Next friday I will treat my mother to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta for the very first time. We have NEVER been there before and I wonder what its like inside of the museum. I also wonder if there will be a lot of people at the museum next week. I am wondering what we will see inside of the museum. I think it will be quite interesting to see all of the paintings and the sculptures in the museum. I will have to let you know how it is next week. Here is the link for the museum ----> are things with you ??? How are things in your part of the world ? I do hope that all is well and I hope that you all have a great weekend.

Take care


Sybil said...

You are a good person Monae taking your folks out for what sounded like a lovely dinner... And taking Mum to the museum next week shoudl be fun. I bet it will be interesting...I look forward to reading all about it.
Take Care Have a lovely weekend.
Love Sybil xx

Amanda said...

((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))Hey there,I also think you are a good person,bytaking your parents out to dinner and taking your Mon to the museum.I try and do nice things for mine also.I cant wait to hear about your outting with your Mom.Have a good week ahead and hope your Memorial weekend was a nice one.