Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Nice Sunday....

Hello everyone

Good evening all !!!!! Here I am again. It was a pretty nice Sunday. Early this morning I finished reading the book "Born In Shame" by the writer Nora Roberts which was a really good book. It was a story about a woman named Shannon Bodine who goes to Ireland to find some background of the roots of her family. It was the first time Shannon had gone to Ireland. While in Ireland she met a man named Murphy Muldoon and they began to like eachother. I don't want to ruin the story by giving out the information I do have to say that it was a really good book and it was well worth reading it. Here is her link ----->

In other news my mother rented the movie "Righteous Kill" with the actor Al Pacino and I can tell you that it was a very interesting movie from start to finish. The ending was unexpected and I do have to say that I really found that Righteous Kill was a movie that deserved to be watched. I highly highly highly recommend the movie. There was a movie on television called "Death Sentence" with Kevin Bacon which turned out to be pretty good as well. I think that Kevin did a wonderful job in the movie and I hope that he gets an academy award for the movie. My folks also liked the movie and so I do recommend this movie as well.

You might want to know that I did go to the mall today with my folks and my niece's which was fun. I did NOT buy anything but I did do some window shopping which was nice. Its always fun to go walk around the mall and look at the different stores and things. We also took a ride to Pizza Hut for lunch and we had one large pepperoni pizza which was quite good for a meal. The pizza went pretty fast between the five of us. After lunch we took a ride to Walmart however I didn't buy anything there either. I liked just going and looking around and hanging out. It was nice to go out today instead of sitting around the house this weekend.

Anywho...tomorrow I have to head back to work after a nice weekend off. Its always nice to have the weekend off from work. Its supposed to be pretty busy at my work tomorrow so I guess I will be pretty busy tomorrow. What will you be doing tomorrow my dear world ??? I do want to know how was your weekend ?? I do hope that all is well in your neck of the woods. I'll talk to you again later.


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