Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nice Matters Awards

Hello dear world

Good evening !!!!!! As you might know today is Super Bowl Sunday and since a football team will receive an award I thought I would do the same.

I would like to present my "Nice Matters Award" to a few people that I thought should be pointed out in a very big way. So my "Nice Matters Award" goes to :

Drum roll.....and the envelope please

Lyn over at "Brit's Blog" for being the wonderful person that she is. Lyn has always put a huge smile on my face so I would like to present her with this award. Here is her link ----->

I would also like to present my "Nice Matters Award" to Jeannette over at "Jeannette's Jottings" for being such a sweet and generous person. She has shared her life and friendship with all of us. So here is her link ---->

The next "Nice Matters Award" goes to Jon over at "Lone Star Concerto" since I have always been a big fan of his and his writings. I wanted to point out that he is such a terrific writer as well as being the world's greatest cowboy in Texas. Here is his link -------->

The next "Nice Matters Award" goes to Guido over at "Northern Trip" because he has always kept us all up to date on things that we would like to know. He always tries to let all of us know about so many others at J-Land that he rarely points out himself so I would like to do that for him. Here is his link --------->

Another person that deserves a "Nice Matters Award" goes to Phil at "Phil The Thrill". The reason I give him this award is that he has always been so very kind to many many people at J-Land and he has always made me smile with his entries in which he shares with us. He has often been the one person who always has a kind word to share with people so here you go Phil for a well deserved award. Here is his link ------->

Another person who deserves a "Nice Matters Award" goes to Helen over at "My Everyday Life". Helen has always been the very sweet lady who not only shares her life with us but she has always kept us up to date on her pets and on her fishing trips with all of us. So here is her link ---->

The very next person who I would like to present with a "Nice Matters Award" goes to Allison over at "Allison's Thoughts". Allison has always had such a wonderful and kind heart. She has always been there to point out when the trolls come out and she has always shared her wonderful personality and her heart in her journal. Here is to you Allison and here is her link ------>

The other person who deserves an award is to Hadon over at "The Hadonfield Myers Experience" . Hadon has always shared such wonderful entries and things that anyone would want to know about that I thought that he deserved a special award. Here you go Hadon you deserve this. Here is his link --------->

The very next person I would like to present with a "Nice Matters Award" goes out to Gary over at "Dairy of a podgy poof". Just go over to his journal and you will see why he gets his award ------>

The very last person I would like to present an award goes to Morgan over "Random Thoughts" . She has always been such a kind young woman and she has been going through a rough time but let me tell you that she is certainly a woman who has a really huge heart so that's why we all love her. Here is a special award for you my dear Morgan.

That's all the awards for tonight. If I didn't mention you well I haven't finished with handing out all of the awards this is just the beginning. To those that received your award let me "CONGRATULATE" you on a job well done.

Good night




cayasm said...

Congratulations on your award Monae


cuteallison1980 said...

You are so very nice and kind Monae.  You are the nice that matters here in J-Land.  I hope your week will be a wonderful one.  : )


lanurseprn said...

Great choices!!

oddb0dkins said...

Congratulations on your award. I'll be sure to visit your recommendations soon.
B. x

sybilsybil45 said...

You are a great girl Monae.  Where is your are supposed to have it on display in your side it of to everyone..go on...Wonder how work will be this week,  do they know that you do a journal ? you will have to tell them how wonderful we all think you are. I'm afraid to say that I don't know an awful lot about your super bowl Sunday but hope that the  team you wanted won the match. I have been watching the Rugby this weekend. Un fortunately Scotland got France...however Wales won against England... Love Sybil xx

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOOU)))))))))))))Congrats to you,you deserved it.Have a nice Monay.

ukgal36 said...

congrats and thanks for mine! ;-)

pharmolo said...

Monae, you're as deserving of the Nice Matters award as the people you confer it on to

Have a great week,

imgr8phil said...

I do have to say you are sweet for mentioning me.  I hope you had a good day today Monae.  Take care.


tpiez4me said...

Great Nominees .....and of course YOU deserved it as well Monae.  I agree with your choices and some I will check out for the first time.

gazker said...

All these awards! Thanks so much for nominating me. You are such a lovely Lady!
Hugs Gaz xx

helmswondermom said...

Congratulations to you!