Saturday, February 9, 2008

.....Being That Its Almost Valentines Day

Hello dear world

Good evening. As the title of my entry reads...Being That Its Almost Valentines Day....Well I have a few thoughts of mine to share.

I have to begin by saying that tonight I need a place to write some random stuff, channel some thoughts, moan, vent, etc. etc. At the moment I am feeling a little blue about the fact that it is almost Valentines Day.

My feelings began as I was watching the Lifetime Channel this evening. I was watching a few movies about love which included a movie called "Making Mr. Right" with Dean Cain. The movie was a love story of course. I have been watching movies about people finding one another, people falling in love and the weird thing is watching the Lifetime movie made me feel sad. As some of you might not know I am SINGLE and I have been for quite a while.

The reason I am telling you this is that its close to being Valentines Day which is been called "The Most Romantic Day" on earth. I don't mean to sound depressing for those who are in love or for those who are falling in love but for those of us who aren't.....well its just plain hard. I don't know maybe its just one of those days or maybe its just watching one too many love stories on television but I'm just feeling kind of.....blah

My dear world I don't need a reply to this entry I just wanted to share some thoughts I had. I do want to thank you my dear world and I am still flattered that people actually invest time from your lives to spend a few minutes here at my place that I have chosen to call "Dear Diary" each day.

Good night dear world


cuteallison1980 said...

I can understand why you might feel the way you do.  I wish I could offer you what you need but I can't.  Just do your best and try not to get depressed.  I'd love to know more about what you've been through in life.  You say you have been single for quite a while now.  Does that mean you were with someone and it didn't work out?  You are a very loving person and you have a gigantic heart and to me you are a valentine waiting to happen for someone.  Try to have a happy Sunday. : )


lanurseprn said...

I know what you mean completely! It is shoved in my face each day. I like the day though because it is also my son's Birthday.
So that is something to celebrate!
You'll find a sweetie Monae. He's out there somewhere. He'll be lucky to have you when he finally does find you, too.

sybilsybil45 said...

Well me dear Monae, Valentines Day...valentines day cards.....LOVE...everlasting ? I wonder how many valantine cards are everlasting..I bet there are not many. What is much much more important is true love and no official day, no day valentine  will bring that into our lives.  Like you I have been single for a long my case a VERY long time !! and once like you I longed for a valantine card...a few did come my way but none lasted but LOVe has lasted for ever that is the true love the love of my family and friends. You have lots of friends here and we are your true VALENTINE....Much Love Sybil xx

madcobug said...

Praying that the right person will be sent your way soon Monae. You are such a sweet person someone is bound to show up in your life soon. Thank you so much for the get well card that you sent to me. It was a nice surprise and did raise my spirits up a lot. You are very kind and thoughtful person to send one to me. (((hugs))) Helen

hpycmpr155 said...

Don't worry too much about finding "Mr. Right"
He will come along.
Just be careful in your search.
I have a friend right now who was so desperate to find "Mr. Right", she now has Mr. Totally Wrong and can't get rid of him.

You seem like a very kind, intelligent young woman.
You'll find someone. Be patient and make good choices.


ukgal36 said...

I think the pressure is on even more if you ARE ina relationship..everyone trying to out do each other..i personally don't "do" valentines's never been a big deal to used to be back in high school when it was all about how many secret admirers you had...LOL
have a nice sunday

gryphondear said...

I'm sending you the text of a really wonderful Valentine's Day card that I am also sending to my sister, the librarian, who was widowed a dozen years ago. It's copyrighted by Hallmark, but as I bought three of them to send to others, I'll describe the picture, too. The front is bright red with a scalloped-edged photo of a 1920s man in white tie bending over a Vilma Banky-type with hair in a beaded headdress reminiscent of Mata Hari:

    "Here?" she whispered to him sweetly.
    "We're alone," he said discretely.
    "I've been good till now!" she sighed.
    "But you're human," he replied.
    "It's so big!" she hesitated.
    "It's all yours," he proudly stated.
    "Oh, I shouldn't!" she protested.
    "If you love me--" he suggested.
         And so, losing all resistance.
         she gave in to his insistence...

gryphondear said...

Read the comment above first. This is the second page of the Valentine's Day card for Monae. This page is plain white with brown lettering:

          And ate every single
          chocolate in the box!

        Happy Valentine's Day

;^)  Jan the Gryphon

pharmolo said...

I wouldn't pay too much attention to Valentine's Day, Monae. It's for those that are in love or something - if you're not, well, don't give up hope :-)

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))You will find the right person at the right time.

justaname4me2 said...

Remember, Valentines day is also about caring, kindness, friends and family. If anything, I look at it as one big day devoted to loving everyone in the world. So, I hope on that day, you feel alittle something from my direction :o)
Actually, if you should receive something in the mail from me this week...and it comes before Thursday.....(and I think I already put it on the envelope) save it for the 14th to open k <Smile>

imgr8phil said...

I sorry to see you feeling like this.  I know you have lots of love inside of  you just busting to be let out on the right person.  It will happen if you truly want that.  Have patience and above all don't change who you are because I happen to like that person. Stay sweet, caring and loving.  Have a good week.