Thursday, February 7, 2008

Its Thursday

Hello dear world

Good evening how is everyone ?? I hope you are all doing well. First things first I just back from my Citizens Police Academy Training Class which was quite a long one tonight. My class and I got two units today one on : Special Operations and the other being on the : Gang Task Force. Our next class will be covering : Narcotics and the K-9 Unit. I have to tell you my dear world that I am learning a lot and I feel that I am quite glad that I am taking this class. Our class is every Thursday just in case you wanted to know. might also want to know that it was another day at work for me and I do have some late breaking news. Remember a while back I told you about a lady that was sent down to our department to work with my coworkers and I named P******A. Well you might want to know that the lady is no longer with us anymore since a few days ago. Why isn't she with us ?? Well she was causing problems and drama with my coworkers and I as well as my supervisor. She had a real bad attitude and she went off on the supervisor so the main director moved her out of our department and she was placed somewhere else. She will NOT be returning to our department. We are supposed to be getting a new lady to work with us starting next week however. I don't know the lady so I will have to tell you about her when I meet her. I am happy to report that there is NO more drama in our department at work my dear world.

So my dear world how was your day ? I have to say that I hope your day was a nice one. That's all the news I have for you. I will talk to you again soon. I do have one final reminder for you : Next week is Valentines Day do you have any plans ??

Take care everyone and good-night !!


imgr8phil said...

I'm glad you are having a good time and learning in that class.  Also glad the troublemaker in your department is moving along to cause trouble elsewhere.  Have a great Friday my dear.


momiscool2 said...

Your classes sound great! I bet the k-9 unit will be cool.
Glad that lady is out of your department!
Take care!

gazker said...

That class sounds so interesting. As for Valentine day, I am working away and will be on my own :-(
Gaz xx

cuteallison1980 said...

I think that class sounds very interesting.  I wouldn't mind taking something like that.  I'm glad you don't have to deal with that woman anymore.  Have a  happy tomorrow. : )


hpycmpr155 said...

Your class sounds interesting.
I've wanted to take the one they offer here but I never have.
Maybe it will inspire you to become a cop!

                     have a good day!


gryphondear said...

What an interesting week!
I intend to spend Valentine's Day with my sweetie of the past 40 years. This year I will probably put the puppy in the crate and put on some mood music and we will all fall asleep by 8:30pm. lol
;^) Jan the Gryphon

pharmolo said...

Very informative week for you Monae. Glad for you all that the Drama Queen has left your dept.

labdancer51 said...

Nobody needs drama in their workplace Monae, hopefully the new person will be much nicer. Take care. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))I am glad you like your Police training class.That is really neat you are doing that.I am glad there is no more Drama at your work.Have a nice weekend.