Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful Dinner...

Ciao dear world

Buona sera !!!!!!! I hope you are all well. I have to come and tell you all of my news.

First things first...it was another day at work for me but it wasn't so busy today. The weather was really nice today but its supposed to rain tomorrow though.

Anywho...earlier this evening my folks and I and my nieces went to a place called "Brio Tuscan Grille" for dinner and I have to tell you that the food was wonderful,wonderful,wonderful,wonderful and yes wonderful. They served us a full course meal. First they brought us some different kinds of Italian breads which were good. Then they brought us some Italian Caesar salad which was quite good. Then they served us some Italian salmon, mashed potatoes, asparagus and some lasagne. I must say that the salad and the mashed potatoes and the lasagne was quite good. I didn't eat the asparagus or the salmon but the rest of it I did.

Before we started eating however they put us in a private dining room which was next to a patio balcony which they opened up the doors to the balcony and the view from our seats made it feel like we were in the middle of Tuscany, Italy which was nice.

You also might want to know that our final course was dessert which was two dishes of Tiramisu and a dish of Creme Brulee. I didn't like the Tiramisu but I did like the Creme Brulee which was quite good and the Creme Brulee was served with very big whole strawberries on top. I can tell you that our dessert was quite good.

We didn't leave the restaurant until after 8:30pm and let me tell you the place was quite nice and we had a real good time. We are talking about going back to the restaurant and I must say that I wouldn't mind going back soon.

So my dear world how was your day ??? I do hope that you all had a really wonderful Tuesday I sure did. How are things in your part of the world ?? I do hope all is well and that you are getting some nice weather.

That's all of my news for now.

Arrivederci !!!!!!


monicasmemoirs said...

That sounds like a wonderful restaurant to go to - and to return to!

We have one that I just can't get enough of - however, it's about 2 hours from my home.  ::sigh::  


cuteallison1980 said...

I'd have to say that it must have been a wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful dinner based on your description.  Hope you have a wonderful tomorrow as well.  LOL : )


imgr8phil said...

Glad you had such a good time.  You are such a spoiled chickie do you know that?  Have a good hump day.


sybilsybil45 said...

Sounds like a good dinner to me Monae...I did thinkthat a funny combination though..salmon potato lasagne and asparagus ! usually here it woudl be the salmon potato some salad and possibly the asparagus which my sister just loves but I am not so fond of it..Th eprivate dining area was a lovely idea. The only time I have had that was in Singapore when Mary and I had that same treatment at a cvert expensive restaurant at the top of a high rise building...Hope you don't get to much rain today..We have one more hot day forecast..then a bit of rain  Love Sybil

oddb0dkins said...

I love Italian food. Glad you had a wonderful time.

B. x