Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Fun Saturday.....

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone !!!!!!! I wanted to come by and tell you about my day which was rather fun. Today my family and I went to a picnic at our church St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church which was quite fun. It was supposed to rain but the weather held out for us.

Anywho....the picnic was fun let me tell you. At the picnic they had different baskets that were put in a raffle. One of the baskets had bath and spa items in it and another one had garden items in it and another one of the baskets had utensil items in it and another of the baskets had beer in it. My family and I filled out tickets for the baskets. The raffle was at 3:30 but if you weren't there they would call you and tell you which basket you won. Before we left my folks and I went for a ride in a wagon train that was going around the picnic so we decided to take a ride in it. My oldest niece was walking around the picnic with one of her friends that was there at the picnic. My youngest niece did NOT come to the picnic since she went to a birthday party of one of her friends from school at a place called Monkey Joe's . After we got off of the train we decided to leave the picnic so we could go and pick up my niece from the birthday party which she said was quite fun. I did have fun at the picnic and I am glad that it did NOT rain.

When we went to pick up my niece from the birthday party my mom noticed that our Lincoln Navigator had a nail in one of the tires so we stopped by a car place that was close by and the head guy in the store stopped and chatted with my mom since he was also was from the New Orleans area and so him and my mom got to chatting while they were checking out the nail in the tire. It came to find out that the nail had NOT gone all the way through the tire and he didn't charge my dad anything for taking out the nail and repairing it. He told my mom and dad that it was on the house which was nice of him. It was lucky that the nail had NOT gone all the way through the tire which my dad was happy about.

So how was your day dear world ?? I do hope that you had a lovely Saturday and that you got a chance to start off your weekend with some fun. I do hope that you will have a wonderful weekend and I will certainly talk to you again soon.

Bye !!!!!!!!!


cuteallison1980 said...

I always like how happy you seem to be.  It is so refreshing.  Glad you had fun at the picinic.  The weather was nice here.  Warm and very California like.  Have a happy tomorrow.  Luv ya!


imgr8phil said...

I hope you have as nice a Sunday as you had today.  Keep smiling and be happy.


oddb0dkins said...

The picnic sounds like fun.
You were lucky with the nail.

B. x

sybilsybil45 said...

It is so lovely to hear all about what you and the family are doing. You seem to be such a happy family...though no doubt you have your ups and downs as well !!
you are not taking many of the photographs with that new camera are you...come on lets SEE  what you are all up to.  Love Sybil x