Saturday, March 1, 2008

Official Homework Assignment...

Hello dear world

Good evening how is everyone ? For the first time ever I will be giving you a homework assignment. The homework assignment will be (5) questions that I will ask you. I want you to answer the questions and give a full explanation with your answers. I want to give you some questions that you must complete fully. However I will NOT be giving you a grade on these questions but I would like to see your answers to these questions. Finally at the end I will also be giving a bonus question that you may choose to answer or not its just a bonus question.

My dear world I wonder who will turn in their homework.....hmm

The (5) questions are :

1. Where would you say is your favorite place ? and explain why

2. Share (6) none important things/habits/quirks about yourself ?

3. Is there a book you have read more than once ?? Explain your answer as well

4. Describe a perfect place that you like to read at and what book(s) you will bring ?

5. If you could bring three characters to life from a book that you have read for (tea,lunch or out to dinner) who would they be and why ?

Bonus Question : Did you like this homework assignment ?? Why or why not ??

Your homework assignment is due next Friday




sybilsybil45 said...

Well  Monae, I am just back from a weekend away with my ladies from Guild. We went to a nice seaside place called Weston Super Mare it is quite an old
town quite Victorian but lovely just the same we all had a great time though it was cold and on Friday a terrible gale. but nice and sunny.  Your asignmnet is a teaser!!
My Favourite place other than my own house that I love is New Zealand. I love the people there and the scenery

Habits...well sometimes to y shmae I bite my nails...not all the time..I am a bit bossy !! and I like to organise everybody !!

Books...Little Women  I have always love dthat book from when I first read it when I was about 10 years of age. and have often re read it

I would read my book sitting here in my lovely leather chair

I woudl like to me Amy from my book
I don't mind your homework questions but I had better go as I am getting ready to go to Scotland on Tuesday til the weekend wetaher permitting  Love Sybil

gazker said...

I am away for most of the week working, so won't be able to do this....... Watch this space though, I am back at the weekend.
Gaz x

gryphondear said...

All these gadabouts that read your blog, Monae!!
1: My favorite place is with my nose in a book. My body can be anywhere in the world--indoors or out--and I will be happy as long as I can read.
2:a) I am opinionated.
 b) I am in love with my husband of 41 years.
 c) Apparently, I talk in my sleep--real conversations
 d) I dislike driving.
 e) I'm addicted to chocolate.
 f) I'm alergic to mint and menthols.
3: I've read several books more than once--so many I won't list them all. Currently, I've reread most of Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series in "chronological order." I'm now rereading Lindsay Davis's M. Didius Falco mysteries. I like to read books a second time because I have a tendency to race through them for the plot the first time around and take in the scenery the second, third, etc. times.
4: As I said, I'll read anywhere (and anything), but my living room loveseat is especially comfy. Favorite book: *Dragonsinger* by Anne MacCaffrey.
5: Three only? Gosh! At the same time?
         Master Robinton -- MacCaffrey's Pern series: He kept everything together
                                    and was a wonderful musician.
         Miss Marple -- Agatha Christie's sleuth: An extremely intellegent and wise
                                    woman. I'd like to be as sharp-witted as she.
         Sam Gamgee -- Lord of the Rings: A shrewd and loving character who
                                    would probably exchange garden tips with Miss Marple.
Bonus: I normally don't like tests or surveys, but this one was right down my alley.

imgr8phil said...

My favorite place . . . coming to this journal of course.  No explanation needed. LOL  It's too late or early for me to analyze myself so I can't even think of any quirks at the moment.  I've read the bible more than once, but it has been quite a while since the last time.  The perfect place to read a book is where it is quiet and no one is there to bother or interrupt you.  I don't have a particular book to bring.  Three characters hmmm.  I can't think of any off hand but they would probably all have to be some cute chickies LOL.  The only thing I didn't like about your assignment was you didn't answer your own questions.  Hope you are doing OK since you haven't been here since Saturday.  Take care and hope you are  having a decent week.