Friday, March 28, 2008

Its Friday !!!!!!!

Hello dear world

Good evening how is everyone ?? Yes its me again.

Well its me again and its FRIDAY !!!!! Of course it was another day at work for me and the weather was nice today but the pollen had me sneezing quite a bit.

Anywho...I am still reading "Dark Room" which is a pretty interesting book. Here is a little bit of a hint about it....there is a woman in the story named Morgan Winter. When she was a child her parents were brutally murdered in a basement. It came out that the guy who confessed didn't actually do it so the case has been reopened.

You might want to know that during my lunch break with two of my female coworkers that I work with we went out to a little shop we go to. When we drove up I noticed this new place which had just opened and so my coworker's told me to go and see what they had which I did. I went over and I found out that it was a Rib Shack. I was able to sample a piece of a rather tasty Rib Tip which turned out to be pretty good. I ended up buying a Rib Tip Snack with some fries which I have to tell you was delicious the sauce on the rib tips was especially mouth watering and the sauce was also on the bottom of the plate which ended up soaking the fries and made them that much tastier. My coworker's also enjoyed the rib tips as well. I will definitely go back there.

Of course I did go inside of the store after getting my meal on my lunch break and I got another book by Janet Evanovich titled "Thanksgiving" . I have to admit that I have quite a lot of her books.

After work my older sister and I and my nieces went to Target to look around and what did I get ??? Two more books of course which I haven't read yet. I got the book "Reading Lolita In Tehran" by Azar Nafisi and the book "The Appeal" by John Grisham. Sooner or later I will get around to reading all of the books I have.

On a final noteon Sunday my family and I will be having a little celebration at the house for my niece Megan's Confirmation. My mom will be making a pot of Gumbo which she is quite good at it for the celebration. The two coworker's that I hang with will be coming over to the house Sunday since I invited them. I hope that they will have a rather nice time.

Well my dear world how was your day ?? Are you ready for the weekend ??? That's about all for now. I'll get back to you again soon with more news. Do take care everyone.

Good-night !!!!



lanurseprn said...

There are two things I love about you. You always describe food so well that it makes me hungry.....and you never hesitate to buy yourself little treats (like the books). I always hesitate to spend $$ on myself. But, I think if you work hard you should buy yourself little presents like you do. Never stop if you can help it.
Hugs..Pam xoxox

sybilsybil45 said...

Sounds a good lunch break to are in for a busy weekend.  What about some pictures ?  you don't seem to have used your digital camera very much !!!  ones of your nieces confirmation party would be nice ?  Love Sybil x

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))Its nice that you work with people that you get along with and go to lunch with.Have a nice Sat.

oddb0dkins said...

Hope you all enjoy the Sunday celebrations.

B. x