Thursday, December 20, 2007

Its Been A Fun Week

Hello dear world

Happy Happy Holidays to you !!!!!!!! I thought I would pop in and say hello. It has been quite a fun week let me tell you. Yesterday my coworkers and I went to lunch at the Golden Corral and guess what our supervisor J****E bought me and the other ladies that I work with lunch at the Golden Corral. The guys had to pay for themselves. It was so very nice of our new supervisor. He has been a really great guy. Anywho....our lunch was good and we all returned to work full and tired.

Tomorrow we will be exchanging gifts which I'm sure will be fun. I picked up a little something else for one of my coworkers that I know she will like. I hope she isn't reading this but I picked her up an Elvis Presley ornament since she has always been a fan of Elvis's. I also have gifts for my other coworkers. Our supervisor already informed us that he is going to be letting us leave work early so we have to get all of our work done before we leave. I am going to be wearing a Christmasey outfit which consist of a red shirt and a sweatshirt with the word "JOY" written on the front in really cute lettering. I am also going to wear a santa cap with the words "Naughty But Nice" on the santa cap. I am also going to wear jeans tomorrow. By the way we are going to have a little breakfast meal tomorrow since one of the women that I work with is going to bring in some biscuits tomorrow for us to eat. I also bought us 2 cartons of orange juice for us to drink so tomorrow I'm sure it will all be fun. I can't wait to see if my coworkers will like their gifts that I got them....I can't wait. I also had bought a gift for my supervisor so I hope he likes his gift that I got him. We have a lot to do tomorrow but it will be fun.

So my dear world how was your day ??? Did you get all of your Christmas shopping done ?? You might want to know that one of the things I purchased was a box of cigars for my dad which he will love. You might also want to know that it has been a cold, wet and freezing day in Georgia. I am longing for the warm weather again. I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and the best of the New Year.

Take care all !!!!!!!!!



oddb0dkins said...

Have a nice day tomorrow/today Monae. I hope you like all the gifts that you receive.
B. x

sybilsybil45 said...

Monae,  Ican hardly wiat either to hear how today goes with you. And to hear what presents you get from your fellow cow workers.  that was so nice of your supervisor to buy you all lunch.  Have a GREAT day  Love Sybil xx

hpycmpr155 said...

sounds like a fun time


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))So glad you been having a fun week.I am sure it will be a nice weekend as well.

imgr8phil said...

Hope you had fun exchanging gifts.  Have a good weekend.


lanurseprn said...

Your journal always cheers me up! I am glad you had fun this week and I just know your coworkers will enjoy their gifts 'cause you DO know how to shop!! <smile>
I know your Dad will enjoy his cigars, too! That's a perfect gift for a Dad.
Have a good weekend sweetie...and take it easy!

lanurseprn said...

I forgot to say that I hope you get a digital camera for Xmas so that you can share pictures with us!!