Sunday, July 4, 2004

4th of July thoughts

Dear Diary,

Happy 4th of July !!  People all over the world are in the middle of celebration while fireworks fill the night with clusters of light which dazzle the eyes of the young and old alike. Dear diary I am no poet so excuse my manner in which I speak which is without eloquence. Well enough with that let's get back to me. Today I had a wonderful day with my mom, my dad, my sister and my nieces. We had a picnic, time at the pool and we did the usual things that a family does which is sharing in one another's company.

Dear diary at this very moment outside of my window there are fireworks going off in the night . I can hear the pop and crack of all of them all and then there's different colors making the night explode into an amazing work of art that is caught in the night sky. The night sky is flooded with sound, light and color. Dear diary today was a day of too much perfection and I don't mind that at all. Today I was quite happy. Right now I'm not going to complain about not having a boyfriend or what have you I will save that for another time dear diary. Things over all were good. You have to remember that sometimes things will feel bad but then you also have to remember that things can go the other way too and that was the kind of day that I had. Good night dear diary. Happy happy happy happy 4th of July to all. 


richardsbend said...

you seem like a very happy person - Every person in the world is a poet.  Everyone has a story to tell and a voice in which to tell it.

Thanks for signing my journal. :)

BlueCherokee said...

I loved this entry! So beautiful! :D