Monday, April 11, 2005

New Things

Hello again !! I recently returned from a trip. I was in Panama City Beach, Florida. I can say that I came back from my trip red as an overcooked lobster and that's no exaggeration. I saw lots of things on my trip which would put me in the category of being "The Crocodile Hunter". I saw an Alligator at a place called Gator Lake, I captured a few Hermit Crabs and I saw a sea snake crawling onto a little bit of sandy beach and I saw an unusual bug so you can say that for a week I lived the life of "The Crocodile Hunter".

On a completely different note its Spring here in my neck of the woods and there's pollen everywhere you look. Pollen on trees, on the ground, on cars, on grass and on buildings. There's pollen, pollen everywhere. Everything is yellowed by large amounts of pollen. I am about to wish that we could have all the seasons except Spring. I hate Spring and I hate pollen. Need I say more ????


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