Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Survived The Snow Blizzard....

Hello everyone

Good evening my dear world. How is everyone these days ? I hope you are all well. If you have been watching the news lately you might have heard what went on in my neighborhood. We recently were hit by a snow blizzard...yes a snow blizzard. It was bad and we are still dealing with the ice. On Tuesday my dad and my niece Jeanette went went walking to the Kroger near our house. The reason they had to walk is because nobody could drive with the icy roads. It was slippery as they went walking to the store. Someone gave them a ride on their way back from the store.

They ended up bringing back my mom and I some sandwiches since we had not eaten. My dad started baking like crazy. He was baking cookies, pudding and creme brulee. I could not eat all of that because I would have popped like a over inflated balloon. It was like the North Pole had exploded in our kitchen. There was food everywhere that he made.

Anywho...I had to head back to work today since my work was closed recently due to the weather. I have to tell you something that might just make you laugh out loud. When I got home our driveway is still an ice rink so I went to our grass which I thought was going to be safe but wasn't. My mother and my oldest niece Jeanette were inside the door and I could not walk on the grass with the ice being slippery. I was trying to walk and I failed by just standing on the ice. Well I had my purse and things in my hand and guess what happened next....well I had to sit down and literally scoot myself to the porch so I could get to the front door. My mother and my niece were laughing the entire time while I was scooting myself to the porch since walking was a definite hazard to my health. It took me a minute to get to the porch with all of the ice I had to slide on. The ice was quite cold and sharp of course. I found that I was not liking the entire situation but so there it is. I felt like a fish that had slipped out of a bowl and ended up on the floor. Can things have gotten any more funny than that ??? My dear world I am hoping that this ice will melt but it is supposed to be cold again tonight. I say the end of my day was not a fun one my dear world.

So how are things in your part of the world ?? Is the weather the same in your part of the world ? I hope that you got to have a nice day. I am beginning to wonder what tomorrow will be like. I just wanted to share my moment with you. You might find that I this is not true but I have to tell you that it is and I can tell you that sliding on ice is not a fun thing and it is not an experience I want to relive.

That's all for now. I shall talk to you again soon. Do enjoy the rest of your week ahead. Bye for now my dear world.

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Sybil said...

Well Monae, you sure gave me a laugh today when I read about you and the sliding on the ice .... It was a great picture that you "painted" I coudl just see your Mom and niece watching you from the window and laughing...but it was not so funny for you had a wet patch !!!!
Hope your snow and ice go soon. We have got rid of ours after it staying with us for almost a month..It is quite mild here this week which has been nice after all the freezing doubt the cold will come back though quite soon, it is early in the winter yet.
Love Sybil xx